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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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in times like this when interest rates are low, a lot of people put money in high-risk bonds, short term. get out of that. stay in equity. melissa: this is too close to call right now. we're eight points away. give it to "after the bell." thanks for watching the "claman countdown." melissa: take a look. we crossed it earlier. david: it is settling up i'm not calling it one way or another. we have record highs during the day today. s&p ending slightly if the red. i'm melissa francis. david: look, we're less than one point away from 23,000. melissa: come on! david: we'll see. settle one way or the other. very close, folks. i'm david asman. we're glad you join us on this historic day. this is "after the bell." first here is what else we're covering for you at this hour. president trump touting the new market milestone and making more headlines from the rose garden this afternoon after declaring
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obamacare is virtually dead. what the president says will take its place. plus the weinstein board of directors just delivering its disgraced cofounder ultimatum, resign or be fired. how harvey weinstein and his laura responding right now. another big meeting underway, nfl players and owners going head-to-head. will everyone be forced to stand for the national anthem? a live update from nfl headquarters. among the guests we have howie kurtz, karl rove, judge andrew napolitano, a full house. >> dow fighting for 23,000 in the final moments of trading. doesn't look like we got the record at the close as we did earlier today. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. what did it feel like down there today? >> feels really exciting, melissa and david. you have to note we're at dow 23,000. this is the 50th record close. any gain today was a record close for the dow jones industrial average. for the 50th record close
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under president trump, it was exciting to cross the dow 23,000 mark. and you did see what was driving the dow today, united health and johnson & johnson. those which hit highs today, and had quarterly numbers. earnings season has been great. nike, verizon, pfizer were the other winners today. the biggest winner since dow 22,000? that was boeing and caterpillar. caterpillar is up 16%. boeing up 9%. look at latest numbers. boeing 9%. caterpillar 15 1/2% and home depot. nike has been a loser since dow 22,000 which actually occurred in august. you can see down 13%. disney and ge down 9%. so big picture here, dow 23,000, i will leave you with this, one trader brought in a newspaper he found in his grandfather's home. this is from 1968. in here, inside, it talks about the dow at dow 837.
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837, in 1968. a lot of our viewers may be invested at that time. or wish they did. melissa: love the hat, nicole. thank you. david: bottom line, keep your money in the market. the election market rally wasn't even supposed to happen according to mainstream media. here is "new york times" columnist paul krugman on election night. quote, it really does not look like president donald j. trump and markets are plunging. if the question is when markets recover, first-pass answer is never. melissa: huh. david: i went further. we're probably looking at a global recession with no end in sight. melissa: he was so close. david: he wasn't alone. "new york times" columnist had company. his colleague, andrew ross sorkin said just before the election. what happenses to the markets if donald trump wins. the conventional wisdom right
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off the bat, the stock market would fall precipitously. melissa: so close. david: our advisors are worth listening to. fox news contributor gary kaltbaum, from kaltbaum capital management. kevin kelly, recon capital. gary, why do these people have jobs? melissa: yeah. >> i don't recall in the last couple months paul krugman talking about his wonderful prediction. i remember it so, like it was yesterday, about the markets never coming back. look, it is all politics with these people. republican bad, democrat good. and that is his job. if you read his op-eds over last year, all about the end of the world coming because of the new president. not so sure that is going to happen but it is typical and not surprising. david: kevin, the reason we have gary here because you guys know how the works because these guys
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are academics. they don't know how markets work in the marketplace. they have no idea how is affects capital because if they raise or lower taxes. >> let's hope their pocketbooks were not hurt. david: i don't think even then they have learned. >> if you think about it, we had three of the world's largest economies doing stimulative action, right? look across the globe right now. every major economy is growing. so, the evidence was right there. and now you have seen what has happened with the free market policies that he is looking to instill. the deregulation alone has gotten us 3% gdp print we couldn't get under the previous administration which they fully completely supported. david: right. >> look what regulation did to the health care sector. look what it did to small businesses. now they're unshackled from it, banks are doing so well. this recent earnings cycle, they're saying it themselves if we get more deregulation and tax
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reform or tax cuts it will do very well for the economy. david: melissa, you and i were there watching returns come in. we remember so well when krugman said that, he said that the markets would not recover from this we said what? take our money out of gold and take money out of cash and put it in the stock market. melissa: i never make recommendations like this but when i saw the opportunity, this is amazing. someone still isn't tired of all the winning. >> the stock market just hit an all-time record high. it broker to the first time ever, 23,000. so we're very happy about that. melissa: president trump touting the market records ahead of a major speech on tax reformulater this evening. fox business's blake burman at the white house with the latest. what are we looking for, blake? reporter: the speech from president trump coming from a few hours from now speaking before the heritage foundation, one of these big conservative institutions in washington d.c.
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actually a group that helped him with his supreme court nomination neil gorsuch. while this speech is coming later today on taxes, one of the big focuses throughout the day is on health care. it apa pierce there is a short term deal in the works in regards to csr payments, cost sharing reduction payments. this is from a democrat and republican, a rare bipartisan agreement in washington. lamar alexander the republican, patty murray for democrat. it would fund csrs for two years. and states more flexibility to waive certain obamacare requirements. the president continued to proclaim the death of obamacare. at one point calling it, a national disgrace. and in a rose garden news conference as well today, the president was asked, well, what is the republican's long-term plan on health care? he continued to stand by the gram cassidy block grant bill which failed earlier last month. >> we are very close. we feel we have the votes.
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as soon as we're finished with taxes, john, we feel we have the vote to get block grants into the states where states much better manage the money and much better take care of the people. reporter: david and melissa, we can tell you the search for next federal reserve chair is down to a final five. here is the list. no surprise over last few weeks that janet yellen isthe list, current fed chair. she will be interviewed by president trump this week. also on the list, gary cohn, president's top economic advisor. jerome powell, currently a fed board member. kevin warsh a former fed board member during the financial crisis and john taylor, a stanford economist. >> honestly i like them all. i do. i have a great respect for all of them but i will make a decision over the next short period of time. reporter: pretty interesting to see yellen on the list because during the campaign the president absolutely slammed her at one point basically
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suggesting she was a political arm of hillary clinton and then president barack obama. by the way i'm told the decision will be made before the president heads to asia. that is on november 3rd. final decision sometime next two weeks or several days. melissa: warsh and taylor. a lot of people say crs. you say hard-earned taxpayer dollars out there in the audience going to insurance companies who made 10 billion in profits during the first half of the year. i know that is long. it takes a lot of time so you have to abbreviate. that is what that means. thank you very much. reporter: you got it. melissa: gary and kevin are back, going back to taxes for a second, if you're looking for growth in the economy, rand paul said it this morning, big bold tax cuts. if you don't like deficits, then stop spending. gary, what is wrong with that? >> rand paul is 100% right. i was happiest yesterday when i saw a headline about donald trump is going to go after the size of government and government spending because i
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have news for you. regardless what you do on taxes, which is good news -- melissa: yep. >> if you don't change trajectory of the size of government, we are screwed down the road. we are going to spend 4.1 trillion three years up to 5.1 trillion. year 2000, it was 1.7. asking the question where is all the heck is the money going to? we don't know. we have to stop or it will overtake the economy. melissa: it is throwing it out the window and flying out of the back of truck. we have to starve government or at least on a diet. >> we know it is entitlements, ever-growing entitlements. once you create an agency, it never goes away, it only gross. that is where 50 cents of every dollar goes to entitlements. then you have the military. so the issue we're having here, we need tax reform, cuts, whatever as soon as humanly possible because the situation that we have is wealth
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redistribution is not working. people need more of their own money. melissa: it doesn't work. >> exactly. you know why? it stifles innovation, right? it stifles investment. that is it what we see. melissa: self-interest. guys, big bold tax cuts, here we go. thanks to both of you. david: when i was growing up in d.c., i used to go to the big government offices department of agriculture and see what is going on there. melissa: tumbleweeds. david: desk after desk, of people looking at a paper. putting it here. another paper putting it, the money didn't seem to be doing anything except -- melissa: creating paper. david: seeing people move paper. that is about it. major turning point in the fight against isis, latest details of a liberation of a key strong hold coming up. melissa: new discovery of russian bribery in connections to u.s. with wait for it, the clinton foundation. we'll discuss it with judge
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napolitano. david: nfl owners and players are gathering right now in new york city. will players be forced to stand for the national anthem? a live update from nfl headquarters is coming next. here is what president trump had to say about all this earlier. >> hillary clinton said it was okay for the nfl players to kneel during the anthem. i disagree. maybe that is why she lost. because that is bad, real bad. we have to respect our flag, our country, our anthem. ♪ at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. ♪ ca♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone ♪ can i kick it? ♪ to all the people who can quest like a tribe does... ♪
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david: we have some great business news for ibm. third quarter results are in. let's go back to nicole with the numbers. looks like they're trading up after-hours. that usually denotes good news, right? >> that's right, david, you're absolutely right. up 2 1/2%. off the high but still up 1.7%
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at 149.15 for ibm which has been a big laggard this year in the dow jones industrial average, the number two loser. the quarterly numbers, if you take a look beat on bottom and top line earnings per share and revenue were a beat. what we're looking at though, we've had declining revenue. it did beat estimates, that is good news there. it was the 2 2nd straight quarter of declining revenue. that is not good news. 22nd. cloud computing certainly brought in revenue. they worked hard to transition from in the house, in the office, maintenance of hardware and software to a company of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity. those are things, also, mobile computing. that is what ibm is trying to transition to. i checked on the sells, most analysts have a hold or sell. not too many buys. david: it is up after-hours.
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that is good news. >> that is great for the dow tomorrow. david: absolutely. 23,000 for the dow tomorrow. melissa: players and owners from across the country met in new york this afternoon to discuss many issues around the league. most of all protesting the national anthem. connell mcshane live at the owners meeting. connell. reporter: melissa, they're meeting with the owners. they got started a little later than we expected them to because there was another meeting at another location here in new york city that went a little longer than we expected it to go. that was a meeting between a group of players and subset group of owners, a dozen on each side. they met for number of hours. we're told they had a good dialogue. put out a joint statement after they wrapped it up. i will read to it. it says, everyone part of our nfl community has tremendous respect for our country, our flag, our anthem and our military. we're coming together for common ground and commit to hard work
4:18 pm
for positive change. they also said they would meet again. what they did not say there is any kind of a deal in place, to make any changes with regard to the national anthem protests that you were talking about. so we've been talking about this at our reporting throughout the day. we don't expect any rule change or guideline change to be announced at the meetings today. that statement certainly jibes with that. seen, number of owners here, hotel at the likes of jerry jones of cowboys, arthur blank, atlanta falcons, talking to each other as you suspect on sidelines of a meeting like this. as we wait to hear and wait to hear from commissioner roger goodell. this is two-day meeting that could be pushed into tomorrow. the bottom line, melissa,s anthem protests are on the agenda here but there are no changes made by the owners after the meeting with the players earlier today. the financial impact of all of this, something we're certainly following quite closely. league officials are saying sponsors are hanging in.
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we know tv ratings are down. there is nothing to prevent the anthem protests continuing into this weekend's games. basically status quo. back to you. melissa: connell, thank you. david: now we have credit suisse cutting outlook for cbs, citing softer sunday night nfl ratings and so are national anthem protests contributing to weaker ratings? we have howie kurtz, fox news contributor and "mediabuzz" host. of course they're getting weaker ratings and sometimes it is subtle of how the ratings affect them. what do you think? >> more reason the ratings are down, more competition for example. the ratings are down with president trump's assault on the kneeing offer players kneeling down and public pressure, the nfl has taken a hit. they will come up with a face saving way doing what the president wants. no kneeling during anthems. they don't want to antagonize the players.
4:20 pm
david: that will be tough to force the players to do that. what networks are doing, not showing the national anthem. they're starting programing just after the national anthem. but viewers are hip to this. they know what is going on. that is making some of them even madder. >> but look at change in tone of roger goodell when the president raised this issue, very critical statement. oh, we'll find away. he will say this is not a rule change. a lot is spin. networks, why should it get all of this media attention? used to be everybody went to the fridge during the anthem and then tuned in for the actual action of the game, right? melissa: right. david: goodell went further than that. he actually said he wants players to stand. now the president said demands players to stand. he hasn't demanded they stand. this leads to the question, what they will come up with. because nfl players association, they're not going to play softball with roger goodell. they never do. >> if i had to guess, it would be something where players feel
4:21 pm
like they want to protest racial injustice or police brutality will find some way to express that, but not during the anthem. before the anthem they stay in the locker room, you name it but i think this is where we're headed. david: anecdotally, this is anecdotal, i talk to a lot of people say, we're turning it off. granted it is basketball season, there are opportunities for sports than the nfl. meeting different towards the end of the season. bottom line, a lot of people are totally turned off. they say they're turned off forever to the nfl. we'll wait and see. howie, good stuff. stay with us. a lot more to come. howie will be back. melissa: this is not the only dramatic meeting going on today. disgraced producer harvey weinstein facing off with his former board this afternoon. how ugly did it get? howie kurtz monitoring it. he will bring his take. north korea bringing a terrifying step. what steps will the administration take to keep our
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david: harvey weinstein is fired from the company's board. his brother, bob, long time business partner is being accused sexual harrassment. deirdre bolton is live in the newsroom. of the a. a lot of breaking news, david. >> that was dramatic. resign or be fired. harvey weinstein saying woe step down, step aside. -- weinstein. it was officially over connection with his company he built with his brother. you just mentioned bob weinstein. executive producer on a weinstein produced show is accusing him, bob weinstein of sexual harrassment. this is according to variety magazine. miranda siegel is her name. that bob harassed her in 2016,
4:26 pm
and continued on and off for a few months. her lawyer called the company that she would leave if the company didn't support her. details are still coming out exactly what actions the company took. but a representative for the weinstein company denies clearly any inrope rat behavior. -- inappropriate behavior. more details on that story. the fate of the company less certain in general. there is a famous investor, tom barrick, mostly known for his real estate positions but he may all or significant portions of the assets of weinstein company. he has come to the rescue of other celebrities in the past, including taking responsibility for michael jackson's neverland ranch, and essentially that let michael jackson more or less escape a big chokehold of debt. tom barrack actually still owns the property. he helped out annie leibowitz with the same idea. she is most famous photographer
4:27 pm
taking pictures of models and and providing a lifeline and helped her escape a tricky debt situation as well. he has a history of working with embattled celebrities. perhaps he will be the white knight to harvey weinstein. david: the irony also, good friend and chief fund-raiser for donald trump during his campaign as well. >> close associate. david: all kinds of connections, deirdre. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: howard kurtz, fox news media analyst and "mediabuzz" host. he is back. the interesting question about all of this. he is being thrown to the wolves and rightly with all your accusations and rehab, and all the buzz about the fact that will he be pariah forever? will hollywood celebrities seek him out again, basically he produced a ton of hits. was that a result of having so much dirt on everyone, or was there talent under that, that
4:28 pm
you know, he makes a comeback at some point? what is the buzz? you're the buzz man. >> whatever talent for movie making harvey weinstein has has been totally overwhelmed by now these dozens of accusations from women and actresses, journalists. hard for me to imagine at this point he can get back in movie-making business. the irony of the new allegation against his brother bob weinstein, i spoke to editor of "the hollywood reporter," did emotional interview with bob weinstein, said his brother was depraved, didn't know about this he knew he was fill lannerring with women, they haven't spoken. harvey one time beat him up. the other major figure in the weinstein company will fuel the notion this thing is in the process of being sold. hard to see how it survives that harvey comes back even though hollywood can be a forgiving place. >> "tmz" was talking about that theory. hollywood, i don't think it is known for, more they talk about their morals and scruples,
4:29 pm
generally the less people have, the more they're always say, they have these values, and, it kind of seems like the type of place where they would let somebody like this come back in but we'll see. you know, all the political donations still out there, everybody tracing those roots. what is latest on that part of the story? >> you have harvey weinstein giving money to the clinton foundation, $250,000. the foundation said money has been spent so it can not be returned. melissa: it is long gone. >> democrats still in the process of giving back or donating -- one of the reasons harvey weinstein was able to keep this secret, though apparently open secret in media and movie circles, he is a powerful guy, that could give out jobs, book contracts, movie deals. it has become a cultural moment that goes beyond weinstein, beyond hollywood. you have so many women sharing their stories, even in if they work in other fields doing this
4:30 pm
on social media. that will make it even harder for harvey weinstein. what woman would want to work with him on some future movie? melissa: hopefully it spurs real change out there as everybody comes out, they see destruction and financial cost. that is part of it, giant financial cost to the industry make people wake up, if they weren't compassionate what was happening to victims before because they knew about it. so maybe the giant financial cost gets their attention. david: what about the casting couch inside of the beltway? melissa: absolutely. david: federal judge in hawaii is blocking the president's third attempt at a travel ban. the white house just releasing this statement saying quote, today's dangerously-flawed district court order undercuts the president's efforts to keep the american people safe and enforce minimum security standards for entry into the u.s. the department of justice will vigorously defend the president's lawful action. we'll keep you updated with anymore developments. i think that is the same judge that blocked first order.
4:31 pm
melissa: ninth circuit. hailed as a hero, now missing. the mandalay bay security guard shot during the las vegas massacre, you remember the guy in the hall, is gone. latest on his mysterious disappearance is coming up. david: how the rift in the republican party could slow down the president's agenda. karl rove, former chief of staff under president gw bush, sounding off coming next. (honking) (beeping) we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork, your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face.
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>> to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last best hope of earth, for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism, cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that americans consigned to the ash heap of history. melissa: hmmm. kind of like yelling on the front lawn. senator john mccain taking on president trump last month slamming spurious nationalism. the president responding today, at some point i fight back and it won't be pretty. here to react, karl rove, former
4:36 pm
deputy chief of staff under president george w. bush. he is also a fox news contributor. what do you make of this? >> well, i thought the president's response was unnecessary. melissa: just don't say anything. >> look, the president gave here in new york city a speech in which he began by saying authoritarian powers seek to collapse the value systems and alliances prevented conflicts and tilted the world towards freedom since world war ii. he gave ardent of defense of our involvement in international institutions like united nations. >> then went off prompter. >> once or twice. the president has plenty on his plate. he doesn't need to pick a fight on this. melissa: no, absolutely. north mccain listened to how he responded to one of our reporters questions. >> has your relationship with the president frayed to the point thaw are not going to support anything that he comes to you and asks? >> why would you say something that stupid? why would you ask something that dumb?
4:37 pm
huh? my job as united states senator is senator from arizona which i was just reelected to. you mean that i am somehow going to behave in a way that i i will block everything because of some personal disagreement? that is dumb question. melissa: hmmm. bless his heart. >> well, look, i was, through this couple years at white house. mccain obviously lost the 2000 republican presidential nomination. we hard to work hard to build a cordial relationship. he did oppose the tax cuts in 01 and 03 but supported them in '05. melissa: how hard is it to build a cordial relationship. >> we had a boss that said we need to reconcile. we need to find a way to work with him. that made it easier to do so. senator mccain is authentic american hero. eventually we were able to build a good working relationship with him. he was about as strong as defender of the president on iraq as one human being could be but that is important lesson of the president of the united states, regardless of who they are, needs to, you know, that
4:38 pm
old adage from from "the godfather" movie, keep your friends close and enemies closer. there are not enemies in politics. you need to keep people in the fray closer than -- melissa: that is true. although the president says he gets out there and gives it harder than -- all in negotiation. you have people who have been beating around the head and neck before. now coming out on tax reform. and standing by the president, lindsey graham, saying it is do-or-die. rand paul, looking very cheerful on the golf course -- >> he looked cheerful on the golf course, he basically said today -- melissa: big bold tax cuts. >> he said i may not vote for budget resolution to make tax cuts possible unless the white house gives me commitments on spending reductions. he is standing at one-man obstacle. we could bring the budget resolution in the senate up and vote on it were it not for rand paul saying i will not vote for it because we have thad cochran off in the hospital with
4:39 pm
urinary infection. >> there are no friends. >> more complicated than we would like it to be. melissa: speaker ryan? >> we like to get this done. melissa: speaker ryan saying we would stay through christmas, do you believe him. >> food for him -- good for him. melissa: good. >> they will pass the resolution and draft bill and will get it done. good for them. senate is more complicated, even more complicated with 52 republicans and not a single democrat will vote for the tax reform bill -- melissa: if they about home without doing it, david and i will go there to picket. you want to join us? >> i -- melissa: forget it. >> get it passed and celebrating here in the studio. melissa: that sounds warmer and nicer. david, thank you. david: i will do more than picket at irs headquarters. tell you that. breaking news developments in the aftermath of the harvey
4:40 pm
weinstein scandal, amazon studio chief roy rice resigned following allegations that he harassed a producer in fifth fifth -- roy price. amazon recently sus pended him indefinitely. melissa: las vegas security guard shot two weeks ago vanishes. he has not been heard from checking himself into urgent care facility, the spokesperson at the facility told fox news that they knew nothing about his visit. he was prepared to speak with the media last week, but disappeared after meeting with hotel officials prior to his interview. david? david: moscow meddling during the obama administration but not the way the mainstream media is reporting it. a new report detailing how the clinton foundation could have benefited from moscow's intervenges. next judge andrew napolitano is here to sound off.
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david: there is a shocking new report from "the hill" newspaper that the obama administration approved of a russian purchase of about 25% of all u.s. uranium reserves even though the fbi had warned of massive bribes, kickbacks and elements of extortion. there were also serious questions raised by russian-related donations to the clinton foundation from individuals working on uranium deal at a time when hillary clinton was secretary of state. joining me to discuss, judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. we heard about some of this in the past. >> we have. david: he wrote about the uranium connection. >> correct. david: we don't know the fbi put together massive amounts of evidence of bribes and extortion. quote one of the sources for "the hill." the russians were compromising american contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks, extortion threats, which raised legitimate national security concerns and none of that had
4:45 pm
evidence got aired before the obama administration made those decisions. that is quite an oversight. >> it is remarkable not, that the obama administration didn't indict anybody, but that the trump administration is sitting on this material as well. it is same justice department. the evidence of mrs. clinton's personal complicity in soliciting donations. >> the millions for the clinton foundation in return for permitting the russian ownership of american uranium interests in the united states, which can only happen with the personal permission of the secretary of state is overwhelming. why was she not pursued on this? david: well the big question for me, is why did the obama administration approve of the deal? it was, your right, secretary of state was one officials that had to approve. other officials had to approve. why did they allow it to go forward knowing what was in the fbi report? >> we don't know if barack obama
4:46 pm
and his folks that made these decisions in the west wing knew -- david: let me stop you there. why would the fbi insist they know about it? if fbi knew that the administration was about to approve a deal that was corrupt that would be negligence on the fbi's part? >> this same fbi and justice department gave hillary clinton a pass, evidence to obtain indictment and conviction, the evidence of guilt was overwhelming. this is the same obama administration, desperately did not want donald trump to succeed barack obama in the white house. so as reprehensible as this behavior is, it ought not be surprising. david: it was very shocking to me, i got to say. i not peter schweizer. we've been doing reports on uranium deal for years. >> schweizer is terrific. david: to know that the fbi had dossier how russians bribing u.s. officials and maybe some of that bribery going on with the clinton foundation it is shocking. it is shocking that the obama administration would allow the sale to go on knowing the --
4:47 pm
>> so the question is, if rod rosenstein, the number two person in the justice department who was in charge of all the russian investigation, because attorney general recused himself or if the attorney general is listening, why isn't this being pursued now? the evidence is not stale. the path has not run cold. the statute of limitations has not yet expired. david: one question i mentioned dossier. there is a famous russian dossier on president trump. >> yes. david: it was thrown out there, a lot of people assume by democratic operatives to make him look bad. some people say for all talk about russians operating on behalf of the trump administration, looks like in this case they were operates on behalf of the clinton administration. the people responsible for the dossier full of stuff that wasn't true, apparently, have now said they will not answer subpoenas from the house intel committee. i'm quoting, subpoenas violate the rights of our clients and
4:48 pm
their clients and would chill anyone running for office. do they have a case? >> they do if they could demonstrate to a federal judge if they're entitled to same protection as journalists. they say they're journalists and they do research and writing. the subpoena was not properly approved by the committee. the that is ministerial. the committee can approve the subpoena. congress has to decide how they far will push it. ultimately a federal judge will look in secret and decide whether or not -- david: 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. tomorrow is when they are supposed to appear. if they don't they may be found in contempt of congress. >> prediction, they will appear, take the fifth. david: judge andrew napolitano. good stuff. melissa. melissa: major victory in the battle against isis. with would be a turning point in the fight with the terrorist group. north korea reigniting the war of words with the united states. why the rogue regime is now saying that nuclear war could come at any moment.
4:49 pm
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with the aarp name, call unitedhealthcare now... or visit us online. we make it easy to enroll, too. so call or go online today. [sfx: mnemonic] melissa: raqqa liberated. the defacto capital of the islamic state freed as opposition fighters backed by us air power and special forces capture the isis strong hold. dealing the terror group another major blow. this about three months after the capture of mosul in iraq. here is peter brookes, heritage foundation senior fellow for national security affairs. peter, how significant is this? >> well it is very important. certainly from a symbolic standpoint, the fall of the caliphate, the capital of the caliphate is good news but melissa, there are still significant challenges out there. for instance, abu bakar al-baghdadi, the leader of isis has not been captured or killed to our knowledge. some fighters have been moving out of raqqa for a while into
4:53 pm
other parts of syria. so they're still fighting to be done in syria. so the place is chock-full of challenges but i think this is good news and we're seeing i think there is a direct result of the decrease in terrorist plots and attacks in the united states over last year. only three this year. 17 last year. although europe has had an uptick. we have to worry about those returning foreign fighters. melissa: no, absolutely. i don't want to let you go without returning to that other hot spot we're talking about north korea. >> yeah. melissa: reports are coming out that the rogue regime will not negotiate until it has a missile which can hit the east coast of the united states. this as the u.s. and south korean forces begin joint naval exercises this week. you have the president heading to asia. a lot going on, peter. >> absolutely. very tense. north korea's rhetoric will stay high. they will continue provocations. i don't think we're on the brink of war but if a war starts it will end badly with north korea. still a lot of things we have to
4:54 pm
deal with. the president's visit to the region is critically important. melissa: what do you think, some people are saying he is making it worse with his rhetoric, do you agree with that, the president? >> i don't think so, no. north korea needs to understand, i would call it declaratory policy the president has a certain style. look, north korea if you start a fight with us it will go badly. you don't want to think about starting that fight. you need to come to the table to negotiate. he is trying to deter them. they do the same thing with us, on the brink of nuclear war, nuclear war would start any moment. they deterring us as well. melissa: how will we have the winter olympics in south korea? >> reunif iification of korean peninsula is very important to koreans on both sides of the dmz. i think they will. there is always concern that you could have terrorism out of north korea. melissa: yeah. >> they have done things in the past. attacked airliners. attacked the blue house in
4:55 pm
seoul. gone after leadership. people are already thinking about that. melissa: yeah, absolutely. peter, thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. melissa: how they do that? david: i don't know. tell you the truth i hadn't thought of it. it is crazy that it will be there when you think of all the tension but on the other hand the decision was made. making sure the swamp doesn't get in the way of our tax cut, folk, please! one man, senator rand paul, his advice to those undecided on tax reform. wait until you hear this. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at
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4:58 pm
. >> we need a big bold tax cut. what republicans have always been for, and what i tell people that are worried about the debt, i'm one of them. cut spending. don't raise somebody else's taxes to balance your tax cut. charles: right! >> it's so simple. the thing about rand paul is when he is right, he's 100%
4:59 pm
right. you and i are tweeting about this earlier. the fact is everybody is saying we got to balance the budget. we have to pay for the tax cuts. >> stop spending. >> it's our money and the government doesn't deserve as much of it. go into the bureaucracy, see how they're spending the money and if they need more of your money. >> the moral argument, how much of my earnings does the government have the right to seize? at what point is the government seizing from me too much? it's insane. >> but the bottom line for the economy, where is that money doing the most good? in the hands of private sector investing money in certain businesses or bureaucrats or chewing it up. >> it's a safety net, there isn't, you know, this basic taking care of very poor people, but it's way beyond
5:00 pm
that. it's out of control. >> lou dobbs has complete analysis of president trump's major speech on tax reform. it all begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern on fbn. >> now "risk & reward" starts now. liz: markets around the world are in turmoil over trump's astonishing victory. >> america is crying tonight. >> everybody is crying. >> global investors expected and wanted a hillary clinton presidency. they didn't get it. >> is there a doomsday plan? >> global markets work very quick of donald trump's defeat, sinking in anticipation of a trump presidency. liz: you can put your doomsday plans on hold. put them on ice. dow broke the 23,000 barrier for the first time ever today. closing just shy of it at


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